• Dans Begyndere

    A Little Loretta
    Born To Be Great
    Broken Heart
    Coal Miners Daughter
    Darlin', Who's Darlin'
    Feeling Kinda Lonely
    I Want a Cowboy for a Night
    Little Rhumba
    Mamma maria
    Meat And Potato Man
    Road House Rock
    Take The First Step
    These Old Boots
    To Be A Hippie
    Walking On The Moon
    Your First Name

  • Koreograf

    Teresa Guise & Rob Fowler
    Conrad Farnham
    BM Leong
    Sandy Kerrigan
    Anna Korsgaard
    Margaret Swift
    Pat Newell
    Donna Laurin
    Frank Trace
    Karen Tripp
    Rob Fowler
    Alan Robinson
    Rob Fowler
    Kate Damgaard
    Susanne Mose Nielsen
    Lars Christensen

  • Danse Let Øvede og Let Øvede+

    2 Of a Kind
    All Irish
    Backroad Nation Å19
    Blanket On The Ground
    Bonapartes Retreat Å19
    Bosa Nova
    Bottom Of The Bottle
    Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights
    Cold Heart
    Come On Back To Me
    Crazy Little Thing
    Disappearing Taillights
    Down The Dixie Road
    Drunk On A Boat
    Except Monday
    Forever And Ever
    Friday At The Dance
    Friends In Low Places
    (In The) Line Of Fire
    I'm On My Way
    If You Need Me Å20
    Into The Dark Night
    Just A Memory
    Lonely Drums Å17
    Love Grows
    Mariana Mambo
    Meet Me Down In Corpus
    My Little Old Lover
    No Mas Cervesa
    One To Ten
    Ride Away
    Same Boat
    Simple Things
    Somebodys Mama By Now
    Southern Dreams Å20
    Spread My Wings
    Sunset Road Å21
    Sweethearts By Saturday
    The Fishing Girl
    The Little Farmer Å19
    The Night That Went On
    Wagon Wheel Rock
    Waltz Across Texas

  • Koreograf

    Lisa Ganes
    Gary O'Reiley
    Micaela Svensson Erlandson
    Diana Dawson
    Dorte Carlsen
    Maddison Glower
    Phil Dennington
    Gary O'Reiley
    Pat Stott
    Ivonne Verhagen
    Maddison Glower
    Jan Wyllie
    Chris Hodgson
    Alison Biggs & Peter Mettelnick
    Jean Loafman
    Bruce Orvis
    Diana Dawson
    Benny Ray
    Rob Fowler & Laura Sway
    Randi Wieslander m.fl.
    Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAC
    Maggie Gallagher
    Pat Stott
    Vikki Morris
    Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
    John Dean & Maggie Gallagher
    Darren Mitchell
    Graig Bennet & Maddison Glower
    Kate Sala
    DJ Dan
    Mona Leth
    Diana Dawson
    Annelise Lassen
    Niels Poulsen
    Robbie McGowan Hickie
    Rachael McEnany-White
    Gaye Teather
    Jennifer Bradshaw
    Maddison Glower
    Gordon Elliot
    Maddison Glower
    Henrik Lassen
    Diana Dawson
    Randi Wieslander
    Mona Leth
    LTD Tusker & Gaye Teather
    Yvonne Anderson
    Lois & John Nielson