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Danseliste til den 27/12 2017

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                                              JULEHYGGE DEN 27/12 2017  
Ghost Train Ghost Train Banys like To rock it
Wagon Wheel rock 101 Wagon Wheel
Who did you call darling Come dance with me  
Corn don´t grow  All you need  
Sweet Sweet smile Cowboy Charleston  
People are crazy Broken Heart  People are crazy
1159 1159  
High cotton  The boat to Liverpool  
Avenuen Avenuen  
Pot of gold Irish Stew Dance above the rainbow
Feeling kinda lonely    
Lonely drum Lonely drum EZ  
Bossa Nova Diamond Dixie Blame it on the Bossa novaLittle rumba
Little rumba  Little rumba   Little rumba
Ah si Living next door to Alice  Living next door to Alice
Old 97    
 The belle of Liverpool Little belle of Liverpool  
Friends in low places    
Old and grey    
An absolute dream    
 Gypsy Queen Mowe slowly  
Take a breather  Skinny Genes  
Like coca cola in Hollywood We only live once easy  
 Love like before Hearts and flowers  
We only live once We only live once easy  
The gambler When the deal I done  
Down on Your uppers    
Big blue tree Shakin mix  
Boot scootin boogie    
They Walk the line   I walk the line
My new lifte    High Class Lady
Evergreen Waltz Waltz across Texas Waltz Across Texas
Nimby Nimby EZ  
 Who I am meat and potatoman  
The bomb The bomb  
Thanks a lot  Lord help me  
Two-stepper Two-stepper Dance with the on
 Colours of the wind    
Country road   Country Road
Rose a lee    
Mariana Mambo Mini Mariana Mariana Mambo
This is me Til Simple things Simple things  Simple things
Got a felling    
Side by side Mamma Maria  
Every time she walks by    
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