Mandage 2016/17   
Niels Poulsen  1-2-3-4-
  9 to 5
  Apple Jack
  Because Of You/Olivia 
Ria Voss  Big Blue Three 
  Bosa Nova 
Pete Harkness  Celeste 
Jo Thomson  Come Dance With Me
Tina Argyle  Corn Don´t Grow 
  Country 2 Step 
  Country Road 
  Crystal Chandelier 
  Do a Litte Life 
  Drinking With Dolly 
Niels Poulsen  Far From The Charts 
Randi  Friends In Low Places 
  Galway Girls 
  Gypsy Queen 
Niels Poulsen  High Cotten 
  Hooked Up 
Audry Watson  Hotel Angel
  Just A Kiss 
  La Luna 
Kate Sala og Robbie  Let You Momma Go 
Maggie Gallagher  Locklins Bar 
  Love Like Before 
  Mariana Mambo
  Marvin Gaye 
  Mom, The Bomp
  Money Loving Valentine
Wil Bos  Must Be something 
  Never Ever Go Away
  No angel 
Vikki Morris  Oh Cecilia 
  People Are Crazy
  Red Hot Salsa 
  Roling In The Deep 
  Say Hello 
Patricia E. Stott  Side By Side 
  Simple Things 
  Soft And Slow 
  Speak To The Sky 
  Staying In Love 
  Tell The World 
Robbie McGowan  Thanks A Lot 
  The Bell Of Liverpool
Ross Brown  The Boat To Liverpool
Kim Ray  The Bomb
  The Flute 
  The Music Man 
  They Walk The Line 
  Think Of You 
Yvonne Anderson This Is Me 
  Two Stepper 
Yvonne Anderson Wagon Wheel Rock 
  We Only Live Once 
  Who Did You Carll Darling
  Whole Again 
Niels Poulsen  You Got Away 
Niels Poulsen  Your Heaven
  Øde Ø