• Dansens navn

    A Little Shutgun
    Achy Breaky Heart
    Amour en Provence
    An Absolute Dream
    Blue Note
    Boot Scootin Boogie
    Born To Be Great
    Broken Heart
    Coal Miners Daughter
    Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights
    Colours of The Wind
    Come Dance With Me
    Cookout Time
    Country Walking
    Cowboy charleston
    Cowgirl Twist
    Doamond Dixie
    Did He Mean To
    Down To The HonkyTonk
    Feeling Kinda Lonely
    Ghost Train
    Give My Love To Rose
    Home To Louisiana
    Honky Tonk Stomp
    Hurry Up, Slow Down
    J Ho Ab
    Just 4 Fun
    Lindy Shuffel
    Little Rhumba
    Living Next Door To Alice
    Luna Light
    Mama Maria
    Meat and Potato Man
    Mini Mariana
    Mini Mix
    Move Slowly
    New York
    Nimby EZ
    Peaches and Cream
    Poor Boy Blues
    Road House Rock
    Shakin mix
    Skinny Genes
    Sko og støvler
    Sky Loves Blue
    So Easy
    Somebody's Mama By Now
    Sunshine & Rain
    Take The First Step
    The Freeze
    Ticket To the Blues
    These Old Boots
    This and That
    Walking On The Moon
    We Only Live Once easy
    When It's Over
    Whiskey Bridges

  • Koreograf

    Peter Metelnick
    Dorte Carlsen
    Juliet Lam
    Daniel Whittaker
    Kathy Hunyde
    Loyce Plaskett
    Britt Vittrup Fredslund
    Jan Smith
    Bill Bader
    Conrad Farnham
    Leo Boomen
    Sandy Kerrigan
    Ivonne Verhagen
    Mary Chan
    Jo Thomsen
    Betty Moses
    Terese Desarro
    Bill Bader
    Susanne Mose Nielsen
    Ron Bloye & Ceryl Carter
    Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood
    Margaret Swift
    Kathy Hunyadi
    Marie Sørensen
    Gaye Teather
    Gilles Labrecque
    Phyllis Watson
    Severine Fillion
    Tiffany Carter
    Patricia E. Stott
    Jane Smee
    Donna Laurin
    Susanne Mose Nielsen
    Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
    Frank Trace
    Karen Trupp
    Jan Welch
    Niels Poulsen
    Michelle Risley

    Micaela Svensson Erlandson
    Peter & Alison
    Michael John Sr
    Diana Lowery
    Rob Fowler
    Yvonne Van Baalen
    Pat & Lizzie Stott
    Henny & Preben Klitgaard
    Audrey Watson
    Dorte Carlsen
    Jennifer Bradshaw
    Barbara Lowe
    Alan Robinson
    Ric Silver
    Niels Poulsen
    Rob Fowler
    Gary Lafferty
    Steve Mason
    Susanne Mose Nielsen
    Lene Mainz Pedersen
    Phil Carpenter
    Madison Glover